Skype Button

Get your very own Add Skype button, which people can click to instantly add your Skype account. You can add these buttons to any of your online profiles that allows you to input BBCode or HTML.

Simply enter your Skype name below and copy the relevant code into the source editor for where you wish the button to appear.

The code type you should select depends on where you want to add the button. This could be your forum profile, signature, website or blog. For websites and blogs where you are allowed to input HTML, use the HTML code type. On forums, you will probably need to use BBCode. If you aren't sure whether to use BBCode type 1 or 2, you can first try one type and if it doesn't work, try the other.

What is Skype? | What's my Skype name?

In May 2015, Microsoft removed the functionality that allowed Skype statuses to be shown on the web. More info on
Because of this, these buttons are no longer able to display your status (online or offline), however their main purpose (adding a Skype account in one click) still works.

BBCode for your signature or profile:

Code Type:

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Displays a different colour randomly each refresh.