Name Checker

Current version: 2.0

A mass RuneScape username availability checker.

  • Written in pure Java
  • Simple, minimalist UI
  • Customisable settings
  • Add names to check, on the fly


Show instructions


  1. Press the download button and run NameChecker.jar.
  2. (Optional) Under Save available usernames to..., browse for and select the text file you wish to output available names to.
  3. There are three ways to add usernames for checking:
    • Directly:
      Under Check usernames..., input a single username into the left input field, and press enter. It'll be added to the table.
    • From a text file:
      Under Check usernames..., press the Browse... button and locate the file containing the usernames you wish to add.
    • From your clipboard:
      Click on the table, and press CTRL-V.
    Note: Usernames can be separated by newlines, commas, etc.
  4. Usernames will be added to the table and immediately checked.
    • Names will be checked in the order they were added, or in the order specified in the options menu.
    • The status of the username will update to reflect availability:
      • Queued:
        The username is queued for checking.
      • Invalid:
        The username is not a valid RuneScape username. Valid names are 1–12 characters long and contain only letters, numbers, spaces, dashes and underscores. Must start and end with a letter.
      • Checking:
        The username availability is being checked.
      • Taken:
        The username is already taken.
      • Available:
        The username is available.
      • Error:
        An error occurred during checking. An error message will also be shown, i.e. Error: error_message.